About Us

mager designs formed in 2011

Mager Designs is creative-driven and continually exploring new ideas for event design and staging. Everything we do is custom, based on input from our clients and their expectations.

Our clients desire fresh, unique approaches to their event and we work hard to create and bring-to-life new looks for each event. Nothing is standard and our team of professionals never stop pushing the envelope to deliver extraordinary results” says Chris Magers.

Their knowledge, experience, creative ability, and artistic sensibility has been satisfying clients for nearly two decades. They design and fabricate a wide range of elements to make a major difference by elevating events.

Founder & CEO

Chris Magers

Chris strives to design unique events that exceed clients’ expectations.

With an eye for quality, style, and a client centered approach to business, Chris has proven himself as an innovative creator in the event industry with years of experience.

Event Manager

Brittany Magers

Brittany’s can-do attitude, sincerity, and caring personality allow her to truly connect with each client.

Brittany is an expert at leading our installation team and executing every detail onsite to ensure each event is picture perfect.  

Event Designer

Ann Strickland

Ann brings over 30 years of experience to the Mager Designs team with a special focus on floral.

She specializes in personalizing diverse events for each client. Her signature is creative and tasteful designs with incredible attention to detail.

Not shown but critically important is our professional installation crew and fabrication team.

“mager designs is
simply the best!!!”

Mona Shousher –
ProMedica Director, External Events

“mager designs is
simply the best!!!”

Mona Shousher –
ProMedica Director, External Events

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